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Solutions for Water and Process Filtration: Steel Mills

The modern steel mill, from the ladle to the coilers, is a marvel of large-scale industrial precision. Water plays an essential role in this process, first acting as a descaling agent that removes oxidation and other surface impurities from the steel. Later, water acts as a coolant that regulates the steel’s temperature in preparation for further shaping and forming. Since water is a finite resource and its use becomes increasingly regulated and controlled within industrial processes it is essential for steel mill operations to implement safe and efficient treatment protocols. The initial pre-filtration, descaling and water cooling systems consist of a complex series of pipes, pumps, valves, and nozzles, all of which are vulnerable to impurities in the water. Morrell offers state-of-the-art closed-system water and process filtration solutions for the steel milling process, which translates to less downtime and better product. Our experience, paired with the latest components from our supplier partners, ensures that our customers stay ahead of the curve in terms of quality and efficiency in this incredibly competitive industry.

Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality Support

Morrell is synonymous with decades of engineering experience. We bring this to the table when consulting with our customers to learn their industrial needs, which range from retrofitting to new installations. With our extensive filtration component supplier network, we can offer our customers an incredible range of the latest products. Our extensive virtual prototyping and facility planning capabilities provide our customers with the knowledge and validation of overall system design well before systems and components are sourced. We offer support, troubleshooting, and service options for all of our installations. At Morrell, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive approach to filtration solutions, from initial consultation to engineering to installation to support. We work with our customers to provide design, engineering, systems, components, and documentation to ensure steel mill filtration objectives are reached in a manner that increases uptime, improves quality, and reduces labor costs associated with maintenance and repairs.


The nature of steel production mandates all systems function as they were designed to perform. Due to the extreme heat and pace of operations, maintaining process water quality is a central aspect of keeping the entire process moving. Water plays an essential role in descaling and cooling the steel, and these steps require precise delivery of water free of contaminants or other defects. Malfunctions can lead to costly line stoppages, material waste, and broken machinery. Our ability to analyze the ergonomics of steel mill lines equates to the design and installation of filtration solutions that are easy to access and perform with reduced maintenance requirements. Morrell offers reliable, cost-effective water and process filtration solutions that minimize these outcomes. Many of our filtration products require minimal maintenance, which limits the possibility of worker injury. We help our customers deliver top-quality steel that meets rigorous production specifications. This, in turn, provides their customers the confidence to use these materials in applications where safety is key.

Initial Pre-Filtration

Morrell specializes in closed-loop water filtration system solutions. In this type of system, water is stored near the steel mill in a retention pond. For both descaling and cooling processes, water is taken from this pond and applied to the steel through a system of pipes, nozzles, valves, and pumps. A series of filtration systems ensures that impurities do not clog these components; this need is amplified by the fact that the water is recycled for repeated use for these processes. Morrell designs comprehensive solutions that take into account all steps in the process, from pond to mill. The pond itself is a first-line filter, and many of the impurities sink to the bottom and collect as sediment. The next step is initial pre-filtration, and Morrell specifies twist flow strainers to separate solid particulates using self-cleaning filters. This pre-filtration phase is key in ensuring efficient filtration phases later in the process.


Pre-filtered water from the mill’s retention pond is pumped into the mill, and part of it is used in the descaling process. Descaling utilizes high-pressure water nozzles to remove impurities in the hot steel surface. Impurities in the water can clog these jets along with the associated pipes, valves, and pumps. This can lead to costly, unexpected repairs to the descaling equipment and/or the potential of low-quality steel. Given the nature of the steel-making process, along with the increasing demands of the international marketplace, production downtime can lead to catastrophic economic consequences. Morrell specifies state-of-the-art automatic, self-cleaning filters that reduce labor and maintenance costs, ensuring only process water cleared of contaminants is used for the descaling process.

Water Cooling

The water cooling process also uses pre-filtered water from the mill’s retention pond. Steel mills can produce hundreds of different types of steel, including a wide variety of forms and shapes for special uses. Water cooling allows the steel to reach specific temperatures in order for it to be shaped and formed properly. The water, at a specified temperature, floods the steel, simultaneously cooling it and removing additional impurities. As with the descaling process, the water must remain free of contaminants. Debris can clog the complicated pipes, pumps, valves, and nozzles that govern the cooling process, leading to equipment failure, increased maintenance, and production downtimes. In addition, water impurities can compromise the quality of the steel. Morrell’s solutions include the latest in automatic, self-cleaning filter technology, ensuring efficient and reliable application. Morrell takes the entire water filtration process, from pond to mill, into account when designing a system. Each component is properly sized and works harmoniously within the process, ensuring optimal efficiency.

Morrell offers state-of-the-art water and process filtration solutions for steel mills. These systems play an integral role in the steel milling process, and defective, worn, or outdated filtration systems lead to a host of production problems ranging from increased cost to safety concerns. Morrell can design a system that sidesteps these pitfalls. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive approach to serving our customers, from initial consultation to installation and support. Morrell offers an extensive product portfolio and decades of engineering experience. We have a proven track record with many of the world’s largest steel manufacturers, based throughout the Midwest. This experience has led to our vast portfolio of systems and components specifically configured to solve the most challenging process filtration issues found in steel mills.

Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality Support:
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Solutions for Water and Process Filtration: Steel Mills:
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  • Initial Pre-Filtration
  • Descaling
  • Water Cooling
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  • 2004 TE 2000
  • 2006 ISO 9001:2000
  • 2009 ISO 9001:2008

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