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Solutions for Upgrading Plastic Injection Molding Machinery

Perhaps no other manufacturing sector is as globally competitive as plastic injection molding. The very nature of plastics in relation to other goods in the marketplace mandates consistent, high volume production at the lowest possible cost. Regardless of the intricacy of the final product, traditional plastic injection molding and insert molding operations must generate cost savings without sacrificing quality while amplifying the rate of production. Morrell has solutions to optimize the production of plastic components. We work with the largest plastic injection machinery integrators to provide the hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic, filtration and controls architectures to retrofit their customers’ machines. Internal maintenance departments depend on our engineering capabilities, extensive product portfolio, and factory authorized service and repair programs to get the most out of their capital investments. Morrell assists our customers’ in the plastic injection molding industry through our ability to retrofit existing machinery with solutions that enhance quality through precise control, efficiency and superior performance.

Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality Support

Morrell works with OEMs and integrators alike to provide virtually every system and component required for upgrading plastic injection molding machinery. Our extensive relationships with the world’s most important manufacturers of hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic, filtration and controls architectures means we have access to the latest innovations the industry has to offer. Morrell’s engineering capabilities allow us to play an integral role in any plastic machinery upgrade project, finding the right match for both fixed and flexible processes. Some of our customers utilize our virtual prototyping capabilities to learn how their designs will function prior to final sourcing and installation.


We are committed to providing our customers with total safety solutions for both their personnel and the machinery they interact with. Morrell’s ability to conduct ergonomic studies for a single machine or an entire facility is central to our customers’ efforts to reconfigure their operations to be safer, smarter, and more productive. Over four decades of leadership in the motion and control industry has enabled us to provide the systems and components required to keep machines functioning safely, predictably, and efficiently. We provide light curtains, safety gates, emergency stops and other systems designed to protect workers from machines and machines from themselves. The result is a manufacturing environment that embodies the best practices in manufacturing through the implementation of machine control solutions that saves lives, preserves equipment, and increases process function.

Hydraulic & Electric Motors

The first step to retrofitting an existing plastic injection machine is to ensure the proper motors are specified for the application. Given the tight marketplace our customers compete in, maintaining uptime is of paramount importance. Some operations produce at such a high volumes an entire facility may be dedicated to running a single part. Many companies make multiple parts per plant on only a few machines. Regardless of the size, scope, or configuration of your operations, Morrell works to determine your specific needs and provide options to accomplish your objectives. We offer standard, inverter rated, and AC servo motors paired with the latest in controls technologies for both pump and screw type injection machinery. Retrofitting plastic injection machines with correctly specified hydraulic and electric motors optimizes cycle performance and enhances product quality. Our engineering capabilities coupled with the largest portfolio of systems and components for plastic injection machinery means increased uptime, enhanced quality, and improved energy efficiency by up to 50%.

Hydraulic Pumps & Cylinders

Quality plastic parts come from plastic injection machinery consistently operating within exact parameters, often over hundreds of thousands of cycles. The ability to integrate hydraulic pumps and cylinders configured with the overall function of the injection molding process is key to consistent quality. Our hydraulic pumps improve energy efficiency through electronically controlled displacement and pressure at the pump. This combination leads to a reduced heat load, thereby extending pump life and system uptime while reducing labor costs. Morrell’s hydraulic cylinder offerings range from 1.5” to 30” bore and strokes up to 24 feet. Since we work with some of the largest manufacturers on the globe all of our hydraulic cylinders are standard NFPA and ISO certified. We also are routinely involved in providing custom cylinder design and manufacturing services to plastic injection machine integrators and OEMs in industries ranging from electronics to aerospace.

Hydraulic Valve Manifold Assemblies

Improving the performance of plastic injection molding machines depends on the machine’s ability to regulate material flow and clamp speed while maintaining the specified injection profile. These processes are the central function of the hydraulic system. OEMs and integrators are constantly challenged to increase throughput without sacrificing quality. Hydraulic manifolds from Morrell enhance the production of quality products while reducing scrap. Morrell’s customers benefit from our ability to respond to the increasing demand for precise, repeatable and consistent performance of hydraulic systems within plastic injection molding machinery. Our reputation for the design, build, and distribution of hydraulic manifold assemblies is extensive. Hydraulic manifold assemblies from Morrell reduce scrap and improve part quality in horizontal and vertical plastic injection applications. Whether you need to outfit a single machine or an entire facility, Morrell’s hydraulic valve manifold assemblies can accommodate any requirement.

Hydraulic Accumulators

Hydraulic accumulators are critical in maintaining an efficient, high-quality, and safe injection process. A properly functioning accumulator can store energy during low-demand phases, buffer power peaks in the molding cycle, arrest fluid hammer, and prevent overload. This allows drive power to be designed for the system’s average, as opposed to peak, requirements, saving energy, initial costs, and maintenance. Morrell offers diaphragm, bladder, and piston types of accumulators from top suppliers. We work with our customers to learn all aspects of their production process, which allows us to specify optimal accumulators for all of your molding machinery.

Injection & Clamp Axis Controllers

Plastic injection molding is a highly choreographed industrial process that relies on split-second sequencing of complex machinery. The latest injection and clamp axis controllers can provide OEMs and integrators an edge as they refine production processes for maximum efficiency. Morrell only sources controllers from top suppliers, and we work with our customers to integrate these components into their existing molding machinery and their overall production process. Our [DPC] closed loop mold clamp controllers smoothly move large masses with speed and precision. When properly matched to your production process and configured by the Morrell team, the latest closed loop mold clamp controllers can dramatically reduce clamp cycle time. Other benefits include optimized clamp movement control, mold protection, and management of breakaway forces. Our [DPQ] closed loop injection process controllers offer perfect command over this critical production phase. Morrrell specifies, installs, and configures its closed loop injection process controllers to achieve the highest repetitive accuracy and maximum economic efficiency. These controllers integrate with machine control via analog or fieldbus interfaces. At Morrell, we offer practical solutions to bring our customers the benefits of the latest injection and clamp axis controller technology.

Pressure, Temperature, Fluid Level, and Position Sensors

Digital sensors relay critical information about machine and production diagnostics to the controller to ensure safe, efficient, and high-quality production. Morrell brings decades of experience to this critical area. We understand that the best digital controllers are only as good as the information they receive from their digital sensors. Morrell offers state-of-the-art pressure switches, pressure transducers, fluid temperature sensors, fluid level sensors, linear position sensors, and proximity sensors for all aspects of injection molding processes. We work with OEMs and integrators to specify, install, and configure these based on their production parameters.

Automatic Bearing Lubrication Systems

Plastic injection molding machinery operates over millions of cycles in the toughest conditions. Morrell’s customers operate in a highly competitive sector. Maintenance downtime, whether scheduled or unscheduled, can hamper production deadlines and lead to cost overruns. Morrell’s automatic bearing lubrication systems ensure that the correct amount of lubricant is delivered at the correct time. This assures proper lubrication intervals, prevents over lubrication, and leads to incredible improvements in bearing life.

Hydraulic Fluid Filtration, Conditioning & Monitoring

Hydraulic systems are susceptible to particulate and water contamination, which can lead to costly and catastrophic failures of plastic injection molding machinery. Morrell offers hydraulic fluid and conditioning solutions customized to meet the specific needs of our customers. This includes pressure, return line, and offline filtration systems. We offer the largest range of hydraulic and lubricant filters, including the latest high-efficiency filter media, allowing for beta ratios greater than 200. The effectiveness of a robust filtration system is magnified when paired with digital hydraulic fluid monitoring. Morrell provides systems featuring real-time monitoring of cleanliness, water content (saturation and humidity levels), and temperature. These data are fed to the main machine controller via an easy-to-use interface. Morrell can specify, install, and configure a comprehensive hydraulic fluid filtration, conditioning, and monitoring solution for an incredible range of plastic injection molding machinery.

Morrell offers a full range of upgrades to plastic injection molding machinery, allowing our customers to maintain or establish a competitive edge in one of the world’s most competitive industries. Our solutions are designed to provide significant cost savings, increase production quality, and amplify the rate of production. Morrell provides the hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic, filtration, and controls architectures to retrofit an incredible variety of machines, and we offer a proven track record with many of the world’s largest OEMs and integrators. Our engineering capabilities, extensive product portfolio, and factory authorized service and repair programs help our customers get the most out of their capital investments.

Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality Support:
  • Facility Planning
  • Process Planning
  • Product Planning
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Laser & White Light Scanning
  • Ergonomic Studies
  • Virtual Prototyping
  • Component Sizing & Selection
  • Engineering Support
  • Manufacturing
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Field Wiring
  • Electrical Control & Panel Design
  • Full System Installation
Solutions for Upgrading Plastic Injection Molding Machinery:
  • Safety
  • Hydraulic Pumps & Electric Motors
  • Hydraulic Pumps & Cylinders
  • Hydraulic Valve Manifold Assemblies
  • Hydraulic Accumulators
  • Injection & Clamp Axis Controllers
  • Pressure, Temperature, Fluid Level, & Position Sensors
  • Automatic Bearing Lubrication Systems
  • Hydraulic Fluid Filtration & Conditioning
Engineering, and Build Standards:
  • UL Certified
  • NFPA
  • CE
  • CUL
  • OSHA
  • 2003 ISO 9000/2000
  • 2004 TE 2000
  • 2006 ISO 9001:2000
  • 2009 ISO 9001:2008

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