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Solutions for Industrial Fluid Service and Contamination

The most important aspect to keeping machines performing at optimum levels is maintaining the purity of all hydraulic, lubrication, and other industrial fluids. This is highlighted by the sobering reality that most manufacturers tie honoring their factory warranty for their products directly to the cleanliness of these fluids, defined within a six-digit ISO code. Contaminated industrial fluids will result in machine downtime due to a catastrophic failure of a single pump or multiple components. Fluid service solutions from Morrell measure, record, and remediate issues relative to contamination, temperature, viscosity, and flow to ensure years of trouble free service. For over forty years our industrial fluid service and contamination solutions have increased the lifespan of our customers’ equipment, realizing significant cost savings associated with labor and replacement parts.

Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality Support

Deviation from established process parameters within most manufacturing and industrial processes adversely effects quality, efficiency, and productivity. Central to any machine or manufacturing system is the cleanliness of its industrial fluids. Morrell works with our customers to define optimum fluid purity levels and designs and develops systems to maintain them throughout the life of our customers’ machines. We integrate sensors throughout key points of manufacturing platforms that communicate with sensor monitoring units (SMUs) that can also be integrated with a facility’s overall process controls. Our customers work with us to upgrade existing machines as well as in preparation for the next retooling interval at their facilities. For complex operations our customers benefit from solutions that save significant costs relating to maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) because when industrial fluids are kept contaminant free these costs are greatly reduced.


Industrial systems and components are built to perform within exact specifications. Central to these specifications is the fluid cleanliness level, most often defined by a six-digit ISO code. This means pumps, cylinders, and other crucial points throughout the machine will fail within a brief interval if they are forced to function in systems with contaminated fluids. Morrell’s comprehensive approach to machine safety begins with fluid services and contamination sensors because these are the most fundamental aspects of proper machine maintenance. When hydraulic and lubrication fluids become inundated with contamination, crucial elements within machines are compromised. Morrell provides customers with a full list of industrial fluid services and contamination solutions that not only protect personnel from catastrophic events caused by poor fluid cleanliness levels, but also keep machines safe by ensuring they are allowed to function in an environment as free from contamination as possible.

Particulate Contamination Sensors

In the past customers who needed to know the ISO class level and element micron rating of system fluids had to capture a sample and send it off to a lab. Today, Morrell offers customers solutions that instantaneously provide crucial insight into fluid cleanliness. Continuous measurement of solid contamination in hydraulic and lubrication fluids is central to defining fluid condition. Particulate sensors utilized by Morrell provide data relative to contamination, temperature, viscosity, and flow, offering a comprehensive snapshot in real time. This information can be stored, detailing a history of fluid levels that enable the creation of maintenance schedules that save labor costs and increase uptime. Customers with less complex operations can take advantage of Morrell’s off-line fluid service offerings that provide the same information on an as needed basis.

Water Contamination Sensors

Water contamination sensors are required for any machine or operation that utilizes petroleum-based fluids. This contamination accelerates the breakdown of fluids and additives, leading to frequent shut down and fluid replacement. Unlike solid particulate and metallic contamination, water contamination is generally triggered by changes in the temperature of the buildings machines are housed. This deterioration causes poor lubrication, damaged components, and corrosion, all of which eventually cause harm throughout the entire machine. Only water contamination sensors are able to alert maintenance personnel and overall process controls that system fluids have been compromised and need to be dehydrated. Whenever water contamination appears it needs to be remediated as soon as it is detected. Customers trust Morrell’s fluid service and contamination solutions to keep their machines functioning with clean industrial fluids so they can realize years of excellent performance.

Metallic Contamination Sensors

When industrial machines function outside of exact system specifications their components are placed under tremendous loads, causing gears and other moving parts throughout the machine to break down, leading to the release of metallic contaminants. Hydraulic and lubrication fluids contaminated with ferrous materials cause catastrophic failures of pumps, cylinders, and other critical components. With over forty years of experience in providing fluid service and contamination solutions, Morrell is a recognized as a leader in identifying and solving simple to complex metallic contamination challenges. Proactive measures to keep machines and manufacturing systems performing at optimum levels depend on the ability to alert maintenance and operation personnel of contamination as soon as it occurs.

Sensor Monitoring Units (SMUs)

Key to modernizing fluid monitoring and conditioning systems is ensuring all contamination sensors communicate with the overall controls on a machine, line, or facility basis. Morrell incorporates sensor monitoring units (SMUs) into the fluid contamination systems we provide our customers to accomplish this task. Crucial data relating to water, particulate, and metallic contamination is processed within the SMU and can be viewed manually via a LED display. This same information is communicated to the system CPU with a date and time stamp, allowing for a thorough understanding of how system fluids perform relative to the demands placed on the machinery through MS-Excel or proprietary fluid monitoring software. Morrell provides a centralized database to store this information and integrates the data within our customers’ process controls architecture. With this information Morrell is able to configure filtration solutions based on our customers’ specific process needs.

In-Line Filtration

Filters found within a machine or industrial system are referred to as in-line filtration and are dedicated primarily to preventing contamination from infiltrating system fluids. When filters are properly sized and placed they are effective at maintaining fluid cleanliness levels. Morrell’s strength as a single-source solution for our customers’ hydraulic and lubrication fluid condition demands lies with our ability to provide every type of traditional and innovative industrial in-line filters required. These include pressure, return line, re-circulating, suction, breather, and a mix of all of the above. For customers involved in extremely sensitive processes Morrell offers supplemental magnetic filtration solutions that remove ferrous contaminants that evade traditional barrier filtration. We work with our customers to determine filter replacement schedules based on the actual use of their equipment from the data acquired through the contamination sensors and monitors we provide.

Off-Line Filtration

Off-line filtration systems flush, filter, and monitor ISO cleanliness at the desired fluid cleanliness level, programmed by personnel onsite. This capability provides flexibility to use one filter cart for multiple machines with various fluid cleanliness requirements. Morrell provides off-line filtration solutions that function in both automatic and manual modes, removing particulate, water, and metallic contamination at high volumes either on an as needed or scheduled basis. At all times an LED display provides information relative to fluid condition and the programmed ISO codes. Off-line filtration solutions from Morrell are ideal for processes without central fluid monitoring systems or advanced process controls, offering customers the ability to diagnose and solve fluid contamination issues for a diverse range of machines and manufacturing systems.

Dehydration Stations

The range of filtration requirements varies from process to facility to the pace of production. A few industries are extremely susceptible to water contamination, both from changes in ambient temperature within the manufacturing environment in which machines must function. For both emergency situations and routinely scheduled maintenance, we provide dehydration stations that remove 100% of free and up to 90% of dissolved water from reservoirs, barrels, and gear boxes. Morrell’s extensive experience in industrial filtration spans over four decades. Throughout the years we have built an extensive customer base with fluid and contamination solutions currently in use within virtually every industry. Our fluid service and contamination solutions address immediate and long term filtration challenges that not only keep uptime and productivity at their highest levels, but also measurably save costs by preserving hydraulic and lubrication fluid cleanliness levels.

The lifeblood of all machines is their hydraulic and lubrication fluids. Every component depends on the cleanest and purest fluids possible to operate at optimum levels. Most warranties are based on how fluid systems are maintained. Morrell’s comprehensive fluid service and contamination solutions continuously monitor the condition of industrial fluids. This capability allows that instantaneously captures fluid cleanliness status and stores this data to facilitate filtration solutions that save our customers time and money. We assess system parameters of our customers machines to establish a Target Cleanliness Level (TCL) that is required to be in compliance with factory warranties. Morrell provides industrial monitoring and filtration solutions that prevent machine downtime due to contaminated hydraulic and lubrication fluids before they materialize.

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Solutions for Industrial Fluid Service
and Contamination Solutions:

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  • Metallic Contamination Sensors
  • Sensor Monitoring Units (SMUs)
  • In-Line Filtration
  • Off-Line Filtration
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