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Solutions for Machine Safety

Regardless of the complexity of an industrial or manufacturing process, safety must be central to designing new or upgrading existing machinery. For over forty years Morrell’s product and service offerings have been utilized in the selection, integration, and installation of motion and control solutions for machine upgrades and retrofitting projects. In the past, incorporating safety features was approached on a machine-by-machine basis. In this environment Morrell began to demonstrate how fully integrated machine safety solutions lead to increased quality and productivity. Today, Morrell serves as the logical choice for our customers’ motion and control requirements, providing comprehensive automation and machine safety solutions. Our customers’ domestic and international operations depend on our machine safety experts and standardized product portfolio. From food processing plants to steel mills, Morrell’s machine safety services are an essential component to efficient and productive operations, protecting workers without sacrificing quality or speed.

Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality Support

Morrell’s customers know that modernizing safety protocols starts with analyzing the configuration of their machines and facilities. Our unique ability to provide solutions for machine safety begins with facility planning. We conduct an extensive evaluation of the plant, machines, and processes, providing a documented baseline to formulate comprehensive machine safety solutions. Serving as a resource of multidisciplinary engineering support, we work with our customers’ manufacturing engineers and operations personnel providing ergonomic studies and virtual prototyping well before components are sourced. We can reconfigure your current environment, analyze facility wide processes, and provide options in a manner that improves efficiency, productivity, and quality while focusing on safety. Many of our customers are tasked with replicating their manufacturing networks around the globe. Our partnerships with international leaders in machine safety systems means we are familiar with meeting the regulatory requirements throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.


Enhancing machine safety promotes and maintains work environments that prevent personnel from inadvertently or intentionally coming into hazardous contact with machines and other processes. Of special concern are functions involving moving parts, material handling vehicles, robots, and anything else associated with production and associated operations. Morrell’s status as a single point of contact for our customers’ motion and control requirements equates to increased efficiency and safer workplaces. This means we have the design, engineering, manufacturing, and build capabilities to address all issues relating to machine safety. Our factory authorized repair services and maintenance programs keep machines functioning safely in both static and flexible manufacturing situations. Standardization of safety and control protocols and comprehensive training simplifies integration throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. We are frequently involved in providing safety solutions for new machine platforms in use in most industries.

Site Survey & Hazard Reporting

Safely enhancing machine function is generally improved by safeguarding areas where there is a risk of hazardous contact between people and processes. The first step to assessing this risk is a site survey conducted by Morrell and our customers’ key operations employees. Through this interaction Morrell generates detailed hazard reports on a machine-by-machine basis. The result is an extensive record covering machine information, mechanical condition, and an ergonomic evaluation. We are able to provide spatial reports that analyze how each machine interacts with itself in conjunction with other machines within a given process. Our manufacturing and process engineering experience allows us to discern how existing machine and facility configurations can be optimized for increased performance in a safer manner. Morrell’s site survey and hazard reporting options allow our customers to gain an accurate snapshot of their operations and serves as the starting point to all improvements.

Component Sizing & Selection

At the conclusion of the site survey and hazard reporting an action plan emerges identifying the steps required to enhance machine safety throughout our customers’ operations. Morrell’s extensive portfolio of off-the-shelf and custom solutions incorporate optical, electrical, mechanical, and ultrasonic technologies to address every safety concern found in manufacturing and distribution environments. In addition to optimizing the overall function of our customers’ processes, Morrell provides comprehensive solutions through defining safety systems and components required to eliminate contact between machines and plant personnel. Properly sizing and selecting systems and components protects plant personnel and saves operating costs while optimizing efficiency, productivity, and quality. A partnership with Morrell means customers have access to industry leading machine safety experience and resources proven to yield positive results throughout a diverse range of industrial, manufacturing, and distribution facilities.


Once all of the machines safety concerns are defined and their remediation has been addressed by identifying properly sized systems and components, the time has come to integrate them within the process controls. Morrell’s experience in the motion and control industry is buttressed by our extensive integration capabilities. Our fully certified electrical cabinet design and build center means we are able to provide all machine and safety controls within a centralized location. Many customers take advantage of our installation and start-up services to ensure all modifications and upgrades are implemented within accelerated timetables. Morrell provides extensive training for all of the systems and components we offer to ensure plant personnel are familiar with how these products work and how they are to be maintained for years of trouble free performance. Customers depend on Morrell to develop maintenance programs to keep their machines safe and in compliance with industry standards and governmental regulations.

Ensuring the safe operation of machinery is much more than a regulatory requirement; it is a demonstration of our customers’ efforts to protecting their employees while keeping their systems functioning at optimum levels. Morrell’s experience in providing motion and control solutions for over forty years has enabled us to gain access to the world’s leading automation technologies along with safety systems and components that protect workers and machines. We routinely provide comprehensive motion and control solutions to our international and domestic customers that improve safety while dramatically improving efficiency and productivity. Our engineering capabilities and vast product portfolio are an important resource for our customers. Morrell’s customers benefit from our motion, control, and safety solutions for upgrading and retrofitting existing machines to working with machine builders on new platforms.

Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality Support:
  • Facility Planning
  • Process Planning
  • Product Planning
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Laser & White Light Scanning
  • Ergonomic Studies
  • Virtual Prototyping
  • Component Sizing & Selection
  • Engineering Support
  • Manufacturing
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Field Wiring
  • Electrical Control & Panel Design
  • Full System Installation
Solutions for Machine Safety:
  • Site Survey
  • Hazard Reporting
  • System & Component Sizing
  • System & Component Selection
  • Integration
Engineering, and Build Standards:
  • UL Certified
  • NFPA
  • CE
  • CUL
  • OSHA
  • 2003 ISO 9000/2000
  • 2004 TE 2000
  • 2006 ISO 9001:2000
  • 2009 ISO 9001:2008

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