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Solutions for Fluid Walls

As manufacturers expand their production footprints around the globe, the need for flexible and centralized fluid power control solutions for their machine tool operations is crucial to success. Our fluid walls provide power distribution, electrical controls, hydraulics, cooling, coolant, pneumatics, lubrication and filtration all contained within one continuous panel. In addition, Morrell’s capabilities regarding the mechanical operation of machine tools consolidate all aspects of motion and control to one point of contact. Fluid walls from Morrell are modular, scalable, easy to install, and simple to maintain. Morrell’s comprehensive motion and control solutions allow our customers the flexibility and cost savings inherent through the incorporation of intelligent and innovative solutions for machine tool operations.

Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality Support

Morrell’s extensive experience throughout every aspect of industrial motion control equates to serving as the perfect single-source solution for the machine tool industry’s unique safety, electrical, hydraulic, cooling, pneumatic, lubrication, filtration and mechanical requirements. For over forty years, Morrell has fostered relationships with major manufacturers and machine tool builders. We are able to leverage our facility planning and prototyping capabilities with our engineering, design, and build proficiencies to determine how best to maximize usable space and provide a completely centralized fluid wall solution. The result for machine tool builders and manufacturers is a tailor-made, fully tested and documented fluid power control solution that greatly reduces the hard and soft costs related to installation, operation, maintenance, and integration.


Fluid walls from Morrell have safety features built-in to ensure compliance with industry standards as well as our customers’ safety protocols. This includes safety systems and components covering the mechanical and electrical facets of the fluid wall and machining center combined. For lift gates and other access points we provide light sensors, light curtains, and safety gates to prevent machinery movement when an operator or maintenance personnel need to access the machine for everything from removing a part to a changeover in tooling. We also provide safety solutions in the event of an electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic system failure. Ergonomic studies and full virtual prototyping are increasingly being utilized in the machine tool industry for the development of new machining centers as well as retrofitting existing machines with our fluid wall solutions.


From power distribution to the entire electrical controls architecture for machine tools, we provide among the only fully certified electrical panel design and build capabilities in the industry. Fluid walls from Morrell control functionality for the safety, hydraulic, cooling, pneumatic, lubrication, filtration, and mechanical actions combined within one centralized location. Our electrical controls expertise means we are able to provide motion control solutions for the manufacture of the exact same part within specified tolerances regardless of whether the machine tool is installed domestically or abroad. As with all power distribution and electrical control panels from Morrell each unit is fully certified, documented and tested. Operator consoles with HMIs incorporated within the fluid wall are available upon request.


For machine tools the primary function of the hydraulic systems are for clamping and hold down of the workpiece. Some machining centers require hydraulics for moving materials that are extremely heavy. Regardless, it is absolutely essential for these systems to operate within exact parameters in order to maintain the quality standards of our customers. These standards are adhered to by the inclusion of monitoring and diagnostic capabilities that communicate with the centralized controls architecture. The hydraulic panels within fluid walls from Morrell include all of the control components for rotary tables, trunnions, and slides. With controls for 2-axis to 6-axis and beyond, our extensive experience gained from years of manufacturing stand-alone hydraulic power units has evolved to condensing all aspects of the hydraulic motion and control into a centralized location.


Whether the machine operation deals with exotic metals such as titanium to more common materials such as steel, aluminum, and plastics, washing the chips or shavings away is paramount to maintaining quality outcomes. Morrell excels in the field of high-pressure coolant based on years of experience in the construction of stand-alone, hi-pressure coolant systems for the machine tool industry. Our fluid walls condense this expertise within one centralized location. Through the utilization of proportional controls, our coolant and cooling systems allow for a host of pressure needs within a single workstation. In essence, our engineering, design, and build abilities reduce the complexity by providing fully documented, certified, tested and assembled coolant and cooling solutions within the fluid wall. Our space saving designs are faster, smaller, and are focused on extending the life of machine tool operations while increasing quality and throughput.


Inexpensive, precise, and indispensible in today’s modern machine tool applications, pneumatic systems and components are increasingly being incorporated to perform a multitude of tasks. Keeping the workpiece clean is crucial to quality and pneumatics are used to blow-off chips, shavings, and other contaminants from clamps, part surfaces, pads, tables and trunnions. Pneumatic pressure switches have evolved to become a central facet to ensure proper part placement. Part sensing is an efficient and effective means to maintain the highest quality machining applications throughout a host of machine tool applications. Fluid walls from Morrell can be configured to control all of the pneumatic functions within the machining center, all within the pneumatics module.


Getting the most out of machining centers requires precise lubrication at designated points. Although many critical components claim to be self-lubricating, supplemental lubrication solutions ensure a lifetime of consistent and reliable performance while reducing maintenance costs. Our machine lubrication expertise and product knowledge is sought after for integration within both new and existing machine tool applications. We provide fully automated and engineered lubrication systems to dispense the exact amount of lubricant required for every task the machining center performs. Another innovation we offer are atomized lubrication systems for dry machining applications. Often found in aerospace machining, these systems are primarily used for working with exotic alloys. Fluid walls from Morrell provide control solutions to accommodate lubrication requirements from the most simple to complex machine tool applications in industry today.


Machining any material produces chips, shavings, and other debris that must be removed from hydraulic, cooling, and pneumatic systems. Filtration solutions from Morrell are designed and implemented with the singular purpose of keeping uptime at maximum levels while reducing maintenance costs. Fluid filtration is key to keeping systems running clean and smoothly as well as preventing premature damage to key components. Each function of the machine tool, from metal cutting to part positioning are adversely effected by contamination from poorly filtered air, hydraulic fluid, and coolant. In order for tight machine tolerances to be maintained throughout operation clean fluids and air are essential. Morrell provides full service design, engineering, component sourcing and installation of a myriad of filtration options for both new and existing machining centers. Whether a machine tool requires active filtration, post filtration, or a combination of both, Morrell is a valuable partner for our customers’ goal of keeping uptime at optimum levels while saving considerable costs.


Morrell is a leading provider of all of the mechanical systems and components relating to motion and control in the machine tool industry. Within the machining center we are able to contribute our mechanical engineering expertise and unrivalled product knowledge to machine builders and manufacturers. Morrell’s fluid wall customers benefit when they entrust us with the mechanical components within machine tools. Our customers rely on Morrell to provide linear guideways, ball screws, gearboxes, gantries, and virtually everything mechanical in the machine due to our fundamental involvement of the machine’s overall motion control. As the goal of Morrell’s fluid walls is the consolidation and simplification of everything relating to fluid power it is only logical to task Morrell with the responsibility for the mechanical aspects as well.

Morrell has effectively leveraged decades of motion and control engineering and product knowledge to provide intelligent solutions for new machining centers and retrofitting existing machines. Our involvement provides key savings in both hard and soft costs. Our customers depend on us to consolidate electrical, hydraulic, coolant, cooling, pneumatic, lubrication, filtration, and mechanical solutions because our strengths are optimizing machine performance and uptime. Morrell’s fluid power engineering and component sourcing capabilities are renown for extending machine life through maintaining fully filtered, pressurized flow, thereby preserving and extending the life of key components. When Morrell handles machine tool motion and control we simplify production by serving as a single point of contact for everything relating to machine controls, filtration, and mechanical operation.

Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality Support:
  • Facility Planning
  • Process Planning
  • Product Planning
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Laser & White Light Scanning
  • Ergonomic Studies
  • Virtual Prototyping
  • Component Sizing & Selection
  • Engineering Support
  • Manufacturing
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • Field Wiring
  • Electrical Control & Panel Design
  • Full System Installation
Solutions for Machine Tool Motion, and Control:
  • Safety
  • Power Distribution
  • Electrical Controls
  • Hydraulics
  • Coolant/Cooling
  • Pneumatics
  • Lubrication
  • Filtration
  • Mechanical
Engineering, and Build Standards:
  • UL Certified
  • NFPA
  • CE
  • CUL
  • OSHA
  • 2003 ISO 9000/2000
  • 2004 TE 2000
  • 2006 ISO 9001:2000
  • 2009 ISO 9001:2008

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