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Solutions for Conveyors and Automated Warehousing Systems

Material handling is the lifeblood of industry. As the era of just-in-time deliveries has evolved into just-in-time manufacturing and production, the efficient movement of everything from components to packages requires conveyor and automated warehousing solutions to be as flexible as the manufacturing and distribution processes they support. Since our founding Morrell has been at the forefront of providing safety components, switches, sensors, encoders, cables, drives, controls, and industrial instrumentation to satisfy the world’s leading manufacturers’ most demanding material handling needs relating to production. This experience has perfectly positioned us to serve as the single-source for the most advanced material handling systems and components for inclusion in the most simple to complex conveyor systems and automated warehousing operations found in industry today.

Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality Support

Morrell works with conveyor and automated warehousing system manufacturers for sourcing components relating to safety, object presence, positioning, zone control, speed control, sorting, and measuring. Some of our customers depend on our facility planning and process planning capabilities as they retool, reconfigure, and streamline their operations. We routinely assist in retrofitting existing material handling infrastructures to take conveyor and warehousing operations to the next level. Morrell provides components for use within ultra clean environments found in health care and food processing to the lightening fast and precise world of international shipping. Our ability to provide virtual prototypes of how facility logistics will function in concert with manufacturing and distribution operations has proven to be a key to saving costs prior to final installation.


The most valuable asset our customers consider when implementing their material handling systems is the safety of their workers and others who may come in contact with their operation. Morrell has built our reputation as industrial motion and control experts in large part due to our focus on the safe interaction between personnel, machines, and tooling. Our experience in some of the most heavily regulated industries has made us an indispensible resource for providing safety solutions found within conveyors and automated warehouse operations. From light curtains and safety gates to pull cords and other emergency stops, we understand the ergonomics of these systems and how humans interact with them. Our customers gain from our experience within a host of diverse manufacturing and distribution environments by our unrivalled product knowledge and risk assessment capabilities.

Object Presence & Positioning

Morrell’s reputation for industrial motion and control excellence has transformed our organization into the logical first choice for systems and components relating to object presence and positioning. As materials and packages make their way throughout a manufacturing or distribution facility, the ability to detect presence and position of material is key to keeping operations functioning at optimum levels. We provide cost effective and high performing solutions to determine the correct orientation, format, and navigation in a manner that instantaneously communicates the result to the overall controls architecture. Morrell’s customers benefit from our ability to detect and correct anomalies relating to presence and position. These technologies are the foundation of weaving together process and quality control within an otherwise unwieldy set of material handling requirements. The result is a streamlined, interconnected and high performing industrial flow.

Zone Control

When it comes to material handling, damage prevention begins with zone control. Morrell’s zone control solutions for accumulation conveyors are designed to efficiently stage products and materials through zero pressure accumulation. Serving like a shock absorber, zero pressure accumulation prevents products and materials from colliding with each other through constant adaptation to fluctuations in material flow. Morrell provides zone control options allowing for either random or staged configurations through single accumulation or slug accumulation. Our experience with retrofitting existing and new material handling systems with zone control functionality means we stock components for under-the-conveyor, over-the-conveyor, and side-frame-mount designs. Morrell’s completely integrated solutions for zone control save energy, increase efficiency, and add intelligent accumulation conveyor functionality to the overall logistics of our customers’ operations.

Speed Control

The movement of materials and packages throughout manufacturing and distribution facilities ranges from unbelievably quick to sudden stops and starts, all on an as-needed basis. Morrell’s extensive experience with industrial motion and control allows our customers to introduce variable speeds to their material handling systems to accommodate their precise production and shipping schedules. The utilization of switches, sensors, encoders, and industrial instrumentation provides flexible speed control to ensure the receipt of raw materials to final packaging and shipping are functioning in harmony with the overall operations of the facility. If the process comes to a halt due to a safety concern or shipping is delayed due to inclement weather, Morrell has the engineering capabilities, systems, and components to provide intelligent speed control solutions to integrate within virtually any material handling infrastructure.


Whether it’s feeding the right materials and components to their designated stations within a manufacturing plant or getting a limitless array of package types to the appropriate location in a distribution facility, sorting is the key to quality outcomes. Automated warehousing and material handling systems today require the ability to instantaneously identify materials and packages and put them in transit to where they are needed. Morrell provides everything our customers need relating to the identification and sorting of materials within conveyors and automated warehousing operations. From 1D, 2D, RFID or labels on metallic, plastic, or paper, we have everything required for generating and reading any type of label in use in industry today. Morrell excels in providing solutions for the most simple and complex material handling challenges found in today’s manufacturing and industrial environments.


Feeding machinery, bins, packages and skids requires accurate measurement to ensure the exact amount of material is allotted for any given material handling related process. It keeps machines, processes, and distribution operations flowing through consistent and repeatable detection. From checking pallet loads to making sure the right amount of product is staged for shipping and receiving, measuring is key to quality. Morrell collaborates with our partners and customers to match the right measuring solutions for their operations. Morrell remains dedicated to providing the latest in motion and control innovations Since automation requires process flows to function within exact control parameters, we have the technologies for everything within today’s manufacturing and distribution facilities. From food processing, chemical processing and healthcare to standard shipping and receiving, our solutions are designed to satisfy the most sensitive and simple processes our customers encounter.

For over four decades Morrell has been committed to providing the latest in material handling technology to our global customer base. Our experience in some of the most heavily regulated industries means we have solutions to accommodate the most demanding manufacturing and distribution environments. We routinely collaborate with material handling and logistics professionals to provide off-the-shelf and custom applications to integrate within the material handling systems found in manufacturing and distribution facilities around the globe. Major advancements in the material handling field allow our customers to implement technologies within their processes thought unimaginable just a decade ago. Morrell’s dedication to providing access to the latest systems and components for conveyors and automated warehousing operations serves as the foundation for flexible processes, consistent quality, and accommodation of just-in-time deliveries and production.

Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality Support:
  • Facility Planning
  • Process Planning
  • Product Planning
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Laser & White Light Scanning
  • Ergonomic Studies
  • Virtual Prototyping
  • Component Sizing & Selection
  • Engineering Support
  • Manufacturing
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Field Wiring
  • Electrical Control & Panel Design
  • Full System Installation
Solutions for Conveyors & Automated Warehousing Systems:
  • Safety
  • Object Presence & Positioning
  • Zone Control
  • Speed Control
  • Sorting
  • Measuring
Engineering, and Build Standards:
  • UL Certified
  • NFPA
  • CE
  • CUL
  • OSHA
  • 2003 ISO 9000/2000
  • 2004 TE 2000
  • 2006 ISO 9001:2000
  • 2009 ISO 9001:2008

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