Solutions for the Entertainment Industry
  • Motion Systems
  • Custom Motion Platforms
  • Observation Wheel D&C
  • Customized Attraction D&C
  • Rollercoaster Launchers
  • Ride Programming
To creative professionals in the entertainment industry the major obstacles in the path toward realizing their visions for the next great film, stage production, or ride at an amusement park are costs and technology. Morrell works with the engineering specialists responsible for building the systems that provide the motion that literally transforms creative visions into reality. If you’ve been to a major amusement park or watched an amazing film packed with exciting special effects recently chances are Morrell had a hand in either simply supplying the components or even assisting in the engineering and design of what you will remember most. We play a supporting role in some of the most amazing rides, films and stage shows around. If you are an entertainment professional responsible for transforming imagination into reality, contact us today: We are true pioneers in motion control for industry and this experience has been a great asset to our customers in the entertainment sector.

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